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Amermac Truers Update

To date 153 Amermac machines have been produced in Monticello, MN.

Here are some milestones and statistics on the Amermac Line:

Jan 2012 the Haas VF3YT was installed at the plant and was used to manufacture the adapters for the cabinet truers.

May 2013 the training DVD for the Amermac 405 Truer was finalized. The DVD has been a valuable tool for our customers. A marketing brochure for end users was also put in print highlighting the benefits of truing.

Did you know that truing has been increasing in demand? Our end users have told us the foreign tires and rims when paired together can create a more pronounced out of round scenario than domestic tires and rims. With the increased sales of foreign rims and tires people have been searching for solutions to create a smooth ride. Truing is the best way to alleviate the vibrations & shimmies caused by the tires and rims being out of round thus the increase in demand for truing.

In March of 2014 some changes were made on the Amermac Blades for truing, the blades angle was adjusted. This was designed to increase stone life by the blade being pre-sharpened. A new foot design was also developed for the Porta Truers.
Amermac has provided our company with some challenges and opportunities for growth. Congratulations to the entire team on the continued efforts to keep our customer’s happy and sales growing.

New Website!

For over a year the new website has been under development and it will launch late this month. What can you expect….Totally new design! It has a more contemporary, clean masculine look to the whole website.

Online shopping has been enhanced to improve functionality and ease. Customers will have easier access to shop our product line from their computers, along with improved check out features to ensure a higher level of customer satisfaction.

Direct Distributor access is a completely new feature to the website. Our Distributors will be given log in and passwords to access their pricing and submit orders.

Videos and Troubleshooting: Our customers will have easier access to the products that currently have videos and troubleshooting tips through direct portals on the machines page or through the support section of the website.