May 3, 2022

April Employee Spotlight

This month’s employee spotlight belongs to Ed Wilkins. Ed oversees assembly on all our large tire machines. If you or your business owns one of our big machines, you can guarantee Ed has had his hands on it! He started at TSI in September of 2020 and in that short time Ed has become a crucial member of the TSI team.

Ed is a family man and when he is not working, he enjoys the camping with his 3 kids, and 5 grandkids. Visiting various breweries, wineries and selling art with his wife. His rough and tough exterior isn’t always true, but we know the old saying, “don’t poke the bear”.

Ed has been with us for a short time, and in that time, he has proved vital to our day-to-day operations. We love having him around as he brings a sense of calm and cool to assembly floor. Thank you Ed, for all you do and all you will do at TSI.