July 30, 2021

August Employee Spotlight

This month we recognize Chuck Axelson in Minnesota. Chuck has been with TSI for about 9 years now, and is in the driver’s seat of our Solid Works program. His hands help shape the future of our company via accurate computer designed CAD drawings. He is helping to move this company into the next generation. One of the greatest things about Chuck is his ability to make people smile. He will always be ready with a quick joke- although his picture says something different! ? One of the things Chuck loves most about TSI is that we have the ability to make whatever we dream up. He has been a very important part in making that statement true.

In classic Minnesota winter fashion you can find Chuck on a snowmobile in his downtime. As well as fishing, hunting, and keeping the owner George on his Toes! He has two daughters and four grandchildren which also keep him quite busy. Thank you Chuck for all your hard work and dedication to TSI!!