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Job Opportunities

Monticello Location (201 Chelsea Rd, Monticello, MN 55362)
Please contact or call 800.223.4540

1. Sheet Metal Worker (FULL TIME)
Daytime Hours. No Nights. No Weekends.

► Operate/Set up metal sheer, press brake and CNC turret press
► Calculate bend allowances for metal gauges
► Read blueprints
Good math skills
Read a tape measure
► Use precision measuring equipment
► Lift a minimum of 50 lbs
► MUST be a team player.
►Dress code: Steel toe boots, jeans or work clothes

2. Assembly Position (FULL TIME)
Daytime Hours. No Nights. No Weekends.

Knowledge in hydraulic & electrical background
Good math skills
Read a tape measure
Lift up to 50 lbs
MUST be a team player.
►Dress code: Steel toe boots, jeans or work clothes

3. Shipping (FULL-TIME)
Day shift. 4 hours per day. 5 days per week. No weekends
Create packing slips and shipping labels
Must have overseas shipping experience
Must be able to work in warehouse setting
Lift up to 50 lbs

Welcome to the team

We would like to welcome our New General Manager, George P. Bauder to the Tire Service Equipment Mfg. Co. Inc. & Saf-Tee Siping Inc. (TSISSG) team. George comes to us from a background in business and finance management. George’s contact information:

Phone: 602-437-5020 ext. 2020
And our new Western Regional & Canadian account representative, Chris Lyons.
Chris has an extensive background in mechanics and tool sales.
Phone: 602-437-5020 ext. 2017
Mobile: 602-762-0020
And we say goodbye to our long time employee Melissa Birkle. Melissa will be leaving us April 1st. Melissa wishes to thank all her Distributors as she always said “my Distributors are my favorite part of my job”.

Manufacturing Marvels®

Tire Service Equipment Mfg. Co., Inc & Saf-Tee Siping and Grooving, Inc (TSISSG) aired on Manufacturing Marvels® on Oct 11 & 12.

Watch Video Here

Manufacturing Marvels® creates two-minute educational and promotional segments, featuring award-winning production, direction and narration, and showcasing American manufacturers, their products and processes. This video was shot at our Monticello, MN manufacturing facility. This production puts faces to our typically behind-the-scene team of experienced professionals.
“I’m happy to provide an inside glimpse into the production of our equipment and the people who make TSISSG a success” says Wes Sprunk, founder and owner of TSISSG Inc.

TSI/Gaither Lawsuit Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact Information:
Randy Kindel, Vice President of Sales
Tire Service Equipment Manufacturing Concludes Litigation and Enforces Patent Rights against Gaither Tool Company
-Ruling affirms Cheetah® Cannon as only push button, automated discharge bead seater in U.S.-

PHOENIX (Jan. 27, 2016) –Tire Service Equipment Manufacturing Co., Inc. (TSISSG) announced today the conclusion of its patent infringement litigation against Gaither Tool Co. in the U.S. District Court for the District of Minnesota. U.S. District Judge Donovan Frank has entered a consent judgment and injunction finding that Gaither’s U.S. Bead Bazooka® line of tire bead seaters infringes on TSISSG’s U.S. Patent 6,179,033, which covers TSISSG’s Cheetah® Cannon product, and finding that Gaither induced infringement of TSISSG’s patent.

The Court entered a permanent injunction enjoining Gaither from “directly or indirectly making, using, selling, offering for sale or importing or causing or inducing others to make, use, sell, offer to sell, or import” all of Gaither’s Bead Bazooka® products in the United States for the term of U.S. Patent No. 6,179,033.

As a result of the injunction, TSISSG’s patented Cheetah® Cannon bead seater remains as the only push button, automated discharge bead seater on the market in the United States. The Cheetah® Cannon represents the next evolution of TSISSG’s classic Cheetah® line of bead seaters, and is available in a range of models through TSISSG’s nationwide distribution network.

This is the second time Gaither has been required to remove a product infringing on TSISSG’s patents in the U.S. The injunction applies to Gaither’s entire line of Bead Bazooka® products, including model numbers BB6L, BB9L and BB12L.

Randy Kindel, Vice President of Sales at TSISSG said, “We are pleased that we have again successfully enforced our valuable patent rights and maintained our position as the most innovative tire bead seater supplier in the United States. Our technological advantage began with our patented CH-O5 Cheetah® line of tire bead seaters and now continues with our Cheetah® Cannon tire bead seaters, and will continue with even newer innovations.”

About Tire Service Equipment Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Tire Service Equipment Manufacturing Co., Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of quality professional tire service equipment and shop tools for over 25 years. Visit


Amermac Truers Update

To date 153 Amermac machines have been produced in Monticello, MN.

Here are some milestones and statistics on the Amermac Line:

Jan 2012 the Haas VF3YT was installed at the plant and was used to manufacture the adapters for the cabinet truers.

May 2013 the training DVD for the Amermac 405 Truer was finalized. The DVD has been a valuable tool for our customers. A marketing brochure for end users was also put in print highlighting the benefits of truing.

Did you know that truing has been increasing in demand? Our end users have told us the foreign tires and rims when paired together can create a more pronounced out of round scenario than domestic tires and rims. With the increased sales of foreign rims and tires people have been searching for solutions to create a smooth ride. Truing is the best way to alleviate the vibrations & shimmies caused by the tires and rims being out of round thus the increase in demand for truing.

In March of 2014 some changes were made on the Amermac Blades for truing, the blades angle was adjusted. This was designed to increase stone life by the blade being pre-sharpened. A new foot design was also developed for the Porta Truers.
Amermac has provided our company with some challenges and opportunities for growth. Congratulations to the entire team on the continued efforts to keep our customer’s happy and sales growing.

New Website!

For over a year the new website has been under development and it will launch late this month. What can you expect….Totally new design! It has a more contemporary, clean masculine look to the whole website.

Online shopping has been enhanced to improve functionality and ease. Customers will have easier access to shop our product line from their computers, along with improved check out features to ensure a higher level of customer satisfaction.

Direct Distributor access is a completely new feature to the website. Our Distributors will be given log in and passwords to access their pricing and submit orders.

Videos and Troubleshooting: Our customers will have easier access to the products that currently have videos and troubleshooting tips through direct portals on the machines page or through the support section of the website.