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Please read all the following information.

Congratulations on the purchase of your new Cheetah® Bead Seater!!!

Send us your in service Cheetah® Bead Seater tanks that are date stamped 2013 or older and we’ll issue you a $50 rebate on the purchase of your new Cheetah® or Viper™ Bead Seater tank.

Here are 3 easy steps to get your $50 rebate

1. Save the box from your new Cheetah® Bead Seater, put the old tank stamped 2013 or older(no valves,gauges,etc) in the box.

2. Call Us at  800-223-4540 or 602-437-5020 to obtain your rebate form

3. Ship the old tank (User Pays Transport Cost), completed rebate form, proof of purchase of new Cheetah® Bead Seater to the address on the rebate form

In 2-3 weeks after receipt of your old cheetah tank with completed rebate form your $50 rebate check will be sent to the address on the rebate form.  You can call us to check the status of your rebate by referencing the # on the upper right portion of your rebate form.


Why do I have to pay for the shipping to return the old tank?  Trying to create call tags and coordinate pick ups required too many man hours and therefore we decided to change the rebate from $25 to $50 to offset the cost of shipping. Our plant has been instructed to refuse any shipments that are marked C.O.D., collect or billed to our account

Do I have to purchase a new Cheetah® tank to receive the rebate? Yes, any of the complete line of Cheetah® Bead Seating tanks qualifies for the rebate, however you must purchase a tank of equal or greater value to receive the rebate.

Why do I have to call you get to the rebate form? The rebates are individually numbered and tracked for insurance purposes to each tank being returned.  It also allows us to schedule appropriate labor to handle larger volumes of tanks being returned.

What happens if I sent the tank without the rebate form? We cannot guarantee a rebate on a tank that is returned without the rebate form.  PLEASE, send the rebate form with the tank.

Is my damaged tank that is less than 5 years old eligible for the rebate?  No

What tanks qualify for the rebate? Any Cheetah® Bead Seating tank that is date stamped 2013 or older

Where do I find the date stamp on my Cheetah® Bead Seater? There is a metal plate welded to the tank which will have the serial number and year stamped into the metal.