June 28, 2021

July Employee Spotlight: Sherri MacDonald

This month we celebrate the birth of our country on July 4th, but for us we also celebrate our controller Sherri MacDonald. Sherri started with TSI two years ago in July of 2019, and ever since then TSI has been better for it. Sherri is known as “the mom” of the Phoenix office and I can tell you we all love her dearly. She has an infectious smile, extremely caring, but just like a mom can put you in your place quickly. Every single transaction you place with TSI her finger prints are on it. She takes on the role of HR, accounting, and yes sometimes babysitting. But like I said before we all love her for it.

Sherri moved from Washington State in April 2019 after 31 years (she does not miss the rain). She has worked as an accountant in a variety of industries, but found her home here with us now. She has an amazing family one son, one daughter and has been married to her husband Brian for 20 years. She loves the people at TSI for being passionate about our company and products, having a great sense of humor and just being all around good-natured and getting along with each other without a bunch of workplace drama(that she is aware of ).

Sherri and her husband just purchased a home and she is looking forward to working on all the honey-do projects, she also enjoys hanging out with her husband, going for walks around the neighborhood (when it’s not 120 degrees). Also enjoys relaxing by the pool, watching some reality trash tv, doing puzzles and exploring Arizona.

Sherri thank you so much for the past two years and Happy Anniversary!