November 8, 2021

November Employee Spotlight

This month we recognize Jon Hartell.

Jon is your typical TSI success story.  He started with the company three years ago as a general laborer.  Today he is the supreme leader of the sheet metal department.  His job is an important one too!  Nearly every part, to every machine TSI proudly builds is cut from raw material under Jon’s careful watch.  His attention to detail, and his ruthless productivity are what he prides himself most on.  Jon is here to stay, helping the business grow, as he grows with it.

Jon’s other family, at his home, appreciate him as well.  He is a very good husband, and proud father of three.  His time at home is spent almost completely with his wife and kids.  They enjoy biking, hiking, camping, crafts, and traveling.  His youngest, Jonny plays Peewee football and his daughter, Layla is learning to drive.   With 2 school age children still at home, there is always plenty to do.  Jon’s very favorite thing to do though, is riding bikes.   

Thank you Jon for all your hard work and your dedication to TSI. We can’t wait to see where you go in your career here with us!