1200R Tire Truer

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The Amemac 1200R Tire Truer is designed for all tire applications. The 1200R produces a flat cut surface or the unit can be adjusted to cut on a camber and can produce a camber cut of up to 5 degrees.  The 1200R comes with A1 – A6 adapter set and is capable of shaving a tire up to 18″ wide and wheels sizes up to 24.5″. Tire truing is a process in which you “shave” some of the rubber off your tires to make them as round as possible while providing you with better handling.


  • Removes tread rubber and reduces tire weight by several pounds.
  • A shaved tire’s tread profile will usually result in a slight increase in the width of the tire’s contact patch, putting a little more rubber on the road.
  • Shallower tread depths reduce the tire’s slip angle, increasing its responsiveness and cornering power by minimizing tread block squirm.
  • Minimizing tread block squirm also reduces heat buildup and the risk of making the tire go “off” by overheating its tread compound.
  • Built and designed for low maintenance operation
  • Ball bearing blade motor with fixed shaft prevents tire gouging
  • Rotary stone blade sharpening system
  • Minimum set up time needed for fast one person operation
  • Simple master control panel designed for easy operator use
  • Adjustable work light
  • Other adapter plates are available to fit most wheel lug patterns
  • Optional Air Jack Wheel Lifting Ramp available
  • 60 hz., 110-115 V. Single Phase

Additional information

Weight 495 lbs
Dimensions 53 × 48 × 54 in

1200R Tire Truer - 1200R truer

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Truer Wheel Adapter Chart
6240 Cutter Head Parts List & Assembly
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  1. Larry

    I really wish someone in Greenville or Easley could purchase that equipment [Truers] and be properly trained on how to run it. As far as I am concerned, it is the best thing to help at solving that problem. A lot of people do not know or understand what is happening with trueing and balancing tires. The Hunter Road Force balancers really do a good job at what they do, but sometimes the tires are out of round when NEW as that has happened to me twice and even the Hunter is somewhat limited on what it can do to fix this problem.

    My dad bought a balancer in the late 70’s and sometimes we have successfully balanced our own wheels, but when they are out of round, we really do not have a good solution. Your equipment fixes everything!


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