STE-M Siper


Note: This product requires adapters, sold separately


The STE-M Tire Siper allows the operator to sipe both non-mounted and mounted tires with the same machine.  For non-mounted tires, expandable rims are available (13″ to 24.5″) to fit over standard expanding hub of the STE-M.   For mounted tires, the expandable hub is swung out of the way; the wheel is fitted with the necessary adapter and rolled into the machine and siped.  In either application a tire can be mounted, siped and dismounted in as little as 3 to 4 minutes.  Any type of tire can be siped – new, re-cap, or used – as long as it has 5/32” of tread left.

Drivers everywhere are asking for tire siping because it’s proven ability to increase overall tire performance.

Additional information

Weight 530 lbs
Dimensions 44 × 48 × 50 in

STE-M Siper - STE-M in Action

STE-M Siper - STE-M Siper

STE-M Siper - Hub Maintenance

Automatic Cycle Feed - Operation and Troubleshooting
Expanding Hub & Rim Assembly- Maintenance & Troubleshooting
Operation Manual
Wheel Holding Adapter Parts List
Product Brochure
Expanding Rims Brochure
MSDS Sheet
Expanding Rim Parts List & Assembly
Expandable Hub Parts List & Assembly


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