TC-55 GP Tire Cutter (Gas Power)

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The TC-55 Tire Cutter is one of our most powerful passenger and light truck tire cutting units.  Equipped with either a 18 HP Briggs and Stratton gas motor with electric start.  The small footprint allows this workhorse to easily fit in any work area. The TC-55 Tire Cutter is faster than its little brother the TC-50 Tire Cutter, and can handle high volumes of passenger or light truck size tires quickly. Two-handle valve system keeps operator’s hand away from the blades while cutting for added safety. The TC-55 Tire Cutter is easy to operate, low maintenance, dependable and designed for years of service.

  • 17″ and smaller tires can be cut into four pieces at a rate of up to 90 per hour.
  • Tires measuring 18″ and 19″ in diameter can be quartered at a rate of up to 70 tires per hour.

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Weight 1644 lbs
Dimensions 55 × 77 × 73 in

TC-55 GP Tire Cutter (Gas Power) - TC-55

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3 reviews for TC-55 GP Tire Cutter (Gas Power)

  1. Tony Ricci

    “We have done 10,000 tires in the first month and it works great! Glad we bought it”.

    Tony Ricci
    Mellon Farms

  2. carlos.gonzalez

    we cut 40,000 tire a month for the past 3 years only using 2 set of knife, last week we change the spark plug for first time. very strong machine.
    Carlos Gonzalez

  3. Gabe V Mora

    Gabe V., Mora, NM TC-55

    Just want to thank you guys, just seeing the machine in person is impressive. The craftsmanship and quality of the unit is amazing. Tell the assembly and fabrication people thank you, and its nice to see things still built with pride. Gabe @ Platinum

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