September 2, 2021

September Employee Spotlight

This month we honor Jeff Garry, our recently promoted plant Foreman. In October of 2013 Jeff made the decision to join the TSI family, and we will be forever grateful for that decision. In charge of shipping prep, he was also tasked with quality control on all of our machines and making sure our large shipments were palletized and prepped for safe transit. If you have received some of our amazing equipment in the last eight years, Jeff was the one who got it ready to go.

Jeff is well respected within TSI-not only for his passion for our company, but for just who he is as a person. He is an amazing woodworker and artist-many of his pieces hang in the corporate office and at the plant. He is kind and generous. Jeff cares deeply about our youth, especially in the hockey world. When he’s not working he is usually giving his time to the other thing he loves-refereeing youth hockey games. Like many others, hockey is life to Jeff-but his passion for the game is matched by his passion for the kids. I think the entire state of Minnesota owes Jeff a huge thank you. Jeff is married to an equally amazing woman, and has 3 daughters and 1 granddaughter.

At TSI we recognized an amazing leader in Jeff, which is why as of last month he was promoted to our plant foreman. He is one of those guys that gets along with everyone-always willing to lend a hand-but he can be a force to be reckoned with when necessary. We could not be happier with his decision to take this new position and cannot wait to see him thrive and grow. Thank you Jeff for the past 8 years and here’s to many more!