The Name You Can Trust

Are you a distributor looking for a trustworthy tire and recycling equipment manufacturer? You have arrived at the right platform. For 40 years, Tire Service International (TSI) has been well-known among equipment distributors worldwide for offering the best products and services.

  • New Product Introductions

  • Distributor Profitability and Marketing Programs

  • Customer and Technical Support

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Our Distributors

Receive Exclusive Benefits

Promotions and Special Sales

We offer our distributors special and exclusive promotions and sales custom to your companies needs.

Assigned Project Manager

We Are Here To Take Care Of You

We assign all distributors a direct contact project manager so you always have someone to reach out to

Priority Service

We Make Sure You Get What You Need When You Need It

We always make sure our distributors are the first to know and offer expedited shipping and handling

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Our Distributors

We believe that our distributors are an extension of our brand. We always maintain the full-stock of our products so that we can cater to the needs of our distributors so they can serve their customers on time at the best prices.

Below is a list of distributors we are proud to partner with.

Would you like to become a distributor? Give us a call at 1(800) 223-4540 or click below. We’re constantly looking for great companies to partner with.