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Tire Service International
Tire Service International
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Fast, accurate and dependable the heavy duty 405W Porta Truer is designed to roll up to any vehicle and true the tire without removing the wheel.  The versatile design means the entire job can be completed within a matter of minutes.  Truing the tire on wheel bearings insures absolute accuracy.


  •   Versatile, low maintenance design
  •   Folding handle design for compact storage
  •   Built-in tire profile follower
  •   Cuts up to 17.5″ wide on a 24″ profile
  •   Adjustable work light
  •   Rotary stone blade sharpening system
  •  14 foot power cord
  •  60 Hz., 110-115V, Single Phase

Additional information

Weight 292 lbs
Dimensions 44 × 48 × 32 in


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