CRT-100 Core Retracting Tool

Cut inflation time by half when inflating a tire with the core retracted. The CRT-100 Core Retracting Tool is designed to reduce inflation/deflation time by allowing the operator to remove the valve core safely during the process. Using the CRT-100 eliminates the risk of eye injuries from “flying” valve cores. The operation is simple. After removing the valve cap, the CRT-100 is first clipped onto the valve stem. The CRT-100 Core Retracting Tool stem is then pushed in to engage the valve core. By rotating the stem counter-clockwise, the valve core can be removed without the risk of the extracted core escaping. The valve core is extracted into the CRT-100 body and held there during inflation or deflation process. The clear CRT-100 body allows the operator to view that the valve core is fully retracted. Upon completion of the inflation/deflation process, the valve core can be refitted into the valve stem by pushing the CRT-100 stem forward and rotating it clockwise.