The GB- 1O Glass Breaker processes glass to a crushed cullet, effectively reducing storage volume by as much as 80%. The portable and compact design makes the GB-10 ideal for restaurants, bars, hotels, institutional facilities, schools, salvage yards and low volume recycling facilities. Manufactured using both UL and ULC approved components the GB-10 Glass Breaker is designed and engineered for years of economical and dependable service.

• The GB-10 Glass Breaker uses a ½ horse power electric motor that operates at over 1700 RPM.
• The GB-10 Glass Breaker can process up to 2 tons per hour.
• Load the material through the top chute and material is processed and quickly discharged through the bottom chute.
• Both the intake chute and discharge chute are equipped with heavy duty protective rubber curtains to protect the operator from any flying debris.
• The GB-10 is portable and is designed to fit over all standard 30 and 55 gallon barrels. The breaking unit is mounted on an adjustable frame and is removable for easy service and maintenance.
• Ideal for crushing outdated and rejected bottles such as pharmaceutical, cosmetic and beverage bottles, ceramic and porcelain materials.
• For smaller cullet sizes, optional breaker bars, up to four total, are available.