The TI-95 Tire Inspector is designed to inspect non mounted passenger car and light truck tires from 13” to 24.5”.  The TI-95 allows the operator to inspect tires for tread leakage on non mounted tires. Quick and easy inspection is accomplished by using an expandable hub and expandable rim assemblies.  The mounted tire and hub assembly rotate easily for quick and easy inspection and the convenient control panel is designed for ease of operation. The TI-95 has a rigid base and stand that supports all available rim sizes mounted on the hub assembly.  A standard 1/4”, 90 PSI air line operates the unit and no electricity is required. We recommend the use of a good quality dual stage compressor for optimum results.

  • Includes the standard 14″ – 17″ expandable rim assembly
  • Other expandable rims are available to accommodate larger tire sizes