WC-15 Wheel Bead Cleaner

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The WC-15 Wheel Cleaner is a heavy duty enclosed unit that safely removes rust, debris and particle build up on the wheel bead and rim flange areas of the aluminum and steel wheels from 13″ to 20″ in rim diameter and up to 12″ wide.

  • Enclosed cabinet has full range opening doors to allow easy placement of wheel into cabinet and on to drive rollers.
  •  Wheels rotate on protective rubber drive rollers.
  •  A 6″ diameter wire brush powered by a 2 HP electric motor to easily clean wheels.
  • Wire brush is maneuvered to proper wheel area by external adjustment crank handles.
  • Wheel is cleaned in an enclosed enviroment reducing dust and foreign particles from being released.
  • Cleans wheel in as little as 4 mintues depending on wheel size and the amount of corrosion.
  • Enclosed 5 HP vacuum extracts all dust and dirt.
  • Enclosure has an acrylic viewing window to view brush location and observe wheel cleaning status.
  • Sealed lamp is mounted internally to illuminate the wheel cleaning area.
  • 220V, 1 Phase, 60 Hz, 30 Amp

WC-15 Wheel Bead Cleaner

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Weight 401 lbs
Dimensions 53 × 40 × 56 in


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