Viper™ 18 Liter Aluminum Tank

  • Push button discharge near the front of the tank with easy flip safety.
  • Unique adjustable handles designed for stability and control, while allowing he user to customize how they hold it.
  • Hard plastic cover protecting the air gauge, fill valve, and pop valve.
  • ASME Certified
  • Rapid release of air

2″ Jet barrel
Newly designed Jet barrel greatly increase air volume delivery.

  • More power less air pressure
  • Reduces Air Noise
  • Greater Air Distribution
  • No Wheel Damage
  • Works on large range of tires (lawn and garden to AG/Construction)
  • Patent Pending

*Please note we recommend the use of a good quality inline filter to remove contaminants and moisture.

*Please note we recommend the use of  air tool oil occasionally to properly maintain the tank.

Actual Weight
20 lbs
Shipping Weight
31 lbs