TC-300 G Wheel Crusher (Gas Power)


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The TC-300 G Wheel Crusher is our best selling wheel crusher and is equipped by  a 18 HP V-Twin B&S commercial gas engine with electric start. An optional Kubota diesel engine or electric system are also available.  Dollar for dollar it’s the best wheel crusher on the market today!  The TC-300 GP Wheel Crusher is designed to crush passenger and light truck wheels, 19” and smaller, at a rate of up to 120 per hour. Equipped for towing, the TC-300 can easily be moved to any salvage yard or holding site.

Optional safety cover and roller table are also available for the TC-300 GP Wheel Crusher. 

  • Eliminates the difficult task of manually separating tires from old, rusted wheels
  • Reclaim valuable scrap steel for recycling or resale
  • Delivers 54,000 lbs of crushing force
  • Single crush stroke completes process quickly and easily
  • Two-handle valve system keeps operator safe while crushing process is underway

Additional information

Weight 2126 lbs
Dimensions 121 × 58 × 57 in


TC-300 GP Wheel Crusher (Gas Power) – TC-300 MM2018 TC-300 GP Wheel Crusher (Gas Power) – TC-300


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