TC-50 G Tire Cutter (Gas Power)


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The TC-50 Tire Cutter is designed to cut passenger and light truck tires into 4 pieces at a rate of up to 60 tires per hour and is equipped with a 10 HP B&S commercial gas engine. The TC-50 is perfect for tire shops who want to handle their own tire disposal. The patented shear blades works on a zero clearance design for a clean cut which greatly extends the blade life.

The two-handle valve system keeps operator’s hand away from the blades while cutting for added safety. The TC-50 Tire Cutter is easy to operate, low maintenance, dependable and designed for years of service.  Small foot print allows this tire cutter to easily fit in any work area

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Weight 1143 lbs
Dimensions 55 × 68 × 65 in


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