TC-300 D Wheel Crusher (Diesel Power)




The TC-300 DP Wheel Crusher is our best selling wheel crusher and is equipped by a Kubota diesel engine. An optional 18 hp B & S gas motor or electric system are also available.  Dollar for dollar the best wheel crushers on the market today! The TC-300 Wheel Crusher is designed to crush passenger and light truck wheels, 19” and smaller, at a rate of up to 120 per hour.  Equipped for towing, the TC-300 can easily be moved to any salvage yard or holding site.

Optional safety cover and roller table are also available for the TC-300 Wheel Crusher.

Advantages of wheel crushing

  • Eliminates the difficult task of manually separating tires from old, rusted wheels
  • Reclaim valuable scrap steel for recycling or resale
  • Delivers 54,000 lbs of crushing force
  • Single crush stroke completes process quickly and easily
  • Two-handle valve system keeps operator safe while crushing process is underway

Please call to order or for shipping weight at 1 (800) 223-4540

Additional information

Weight 2062 lbs
Dimensions 121 × 58 × 48 in


TC-300 DP Wheel Crusher (Diesel Power) – TC-300 MM 2018


Parts & Assembly


Product Brochure

Operation Manual


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